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In the world full of showing off, the stuff to encourage it comes out of budget unless you are a millionaire. India has a population of middle-class people more than poor communities. Everyone avoids unnecessary expenses these days. You seek discounts & expect cashback while digital payments, or there are places with no discounts at all.

What if you get to carry a card and it comes with guaranteed discounts and offers like never before? How cool is that?

 Tapo1 TitBits is here to provide you the benefits that you truly desire. They provide you a TitBits Card (Virtual or Physical)which you get to carry with yourself on the go. This card is introduced to save you money at every checkout. They have tie-up in the fields that a common man enters on a daily basis, and ofcourse pay the total bill amount. But!!! They promise you the following sectors where you get  guaranteed discounts if you use the Tapo1 TitBits Card . The sectors coming in handy are




 4.Hotel 🌆

 5.Salon & Spa

 6.Cafe & Lounge 🍻

 7.Restaurant 🍕

 8.Furniture 🔨

 9.Automotive 🚗

 10.Banquet 💍

 * 11. Fashion & Lifestyle

Not only these but more sectors coming your way once you get the card.

You register for the Tapo1 card today and you get to enjoy upto 30% discount for a whole year in every location of your city without any usage restrictions. If you have second thoughts regarding this let me make it clear to you by balancing your thought. You already are paying a lot every month and must have tried different schemes and sometimes got lucky. But, this card is a guarantee as you don't need your luck here. You're gonna definitely like the outcomes after getting and using it.


To apply/register for it, the steps are too easy & our members will welcome you with a great smile. Below are the links and contact number, do give a thought about this and contact us.



📱Contact us : 0612-2325020

🌎Website: www.tapo1.com

🎭FB: https://m.facebook.com/Tapo1Titbits/